Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hiking Big Meadows RMNP

Recently, we hiked the Big Meadows trail at Rocky Mountain National Park. I had read somewhere that it was an easy hike. I am still getting over my view of an easy hike. Coming from Texas, my version of an easy hike is like something we did at the Nature Reserve near Fort Worth. Here that doesn't even exist. Big Meadows really was an easy hike compared to many of the hikes in the park, but not compared to Texas hikes. Regardless of whether it was easy or not, the views were awesome. It was an uphill hike, through the forest, for about 1.8 miles. The last bit was down into the big meadow. The high mountain meadow was beautiful with a clear stream running through it.  We saw two moose, squirrels and numerous mosquitoes. Round trip it was 3.8 miles. It is definitely a good hike for beginners like us.