Monday, November 22, 2010


This is our leaf bunting sewing project from Hearts and Trees Fall Kit.


I think that I have decide Autumn is my favorite season. The temperature is just right and the colors are brilliant. Not to mention we don't have to worry about snakes and insect bites while we are out hiking.

This Fall we did a couple of leaf projects. The first one entailed finding your favorite leaf in the backyard and then painting it into your nature journal. This was fun because we all picked different sorts of leaves and were able to share them with one another.

We also did a Signs of Autumn Observation. We all had our observation sheets and clipboards and headed outside to sketch four different signs of Fall. After our sketches we were to list some of our observations. We found this idea at The Handbook of Nature Study blog.

Our second leaf project we also got from The Handbook of Nature Study Blog. We gathered different types of leaves from our yard and compared them to one another. We talked about the difference between a true leaf and a leaflet, compound leaves, and simple leaves. We also looked at the parts of a leaf and talked about why leaves change color and fall off the tree. After our discussion we color copied our leaves and put the copies into our nature journals. The copies were really impressive. Most all of these ideas come from The Handbook of Nature Study blog, it is filled with ideas and projects. If you haven't already you should check it out!

We have continued to find beautiful leaves throughout the season and added them to our nature shelf. We hope your family is enjoying Autumn as much as we are!