Thursday, December 20, 2012

Seasonal Weather Walk- Outdoor Hour Challenge

We started off our winter weather walk with snowflake catching. Using a black piece of fleece (which we got in one of our winter Hearts and Trees Kits) we caught some snowflakes. We have done this before, but every time it is so amazing to see the beautifully shaped flakes.

Next, we used a ruler to measure the depth of the snow. Since we just moved here from Texas we were quite impressed with our almost 6 inches.

The boys decided, for our walk, it would be best to bring little brother on the sled. We spent about 30 minutes walking (and running) around. It was snowing the whole time.


We really liked the way the snow piled up on the tree branches and the sage brush.

The boys thought a winter weather walk was a great idea. And some of us even decided to taste our winter weather!

After our walk we all enjoyed some nice hot chocolate! What a lovely walk. The snow is truly beautiful.