Wednesday, April 27, 2011


April is such a beautiful time of year. It seems like every week there is something new to see on our nature walk. The whole world is blooming with color and the sweet smell of flowers is in the air. This April we were once again amazed by the roses at our local gardens. We have a tradition that each of us gets to pick our favorite rose and have our picture taken next to it. This is just a fun way to get the boys to really look at the roses and admire them for more than two seconds. Also it is interesting for me to watch them choose which is their favorite. A funny thing happened this year because after they had all chosen their rose and had their picture taken they came across some yellow roses that they all decided was their favorite. It is unusual for them to all agree on something so whole-heartedly!

Here they are with their altogether favorite!

A Growing Love for Trees

Trees are a natural magnet for the boys, because of course they like to climb them! So it makes it easy to point out the different types we have in our area. As they gain a familiarity with a few favorites they begin to take notice of ones that are different.

Here they are admiring the long branches of a live oak.

The boys have always loved a tree with a hole in it. This one had a mushroom growing inside the hole.

This is a pecan tree that is over 200 years old and is still alive despite the fact that you can climb inside its hollow trunk!

Our five year old has been going on nature walks most of his life, but recently he has really taken an interest in trees. I came across a lovely little book about trees in the used bookstore and brought it home little thinking he would latch onto it. Yet he has been requesting it at bedtime and it has caused great interest in the trees around us.

Nothing can replace our actual time spent outdoors, but the right book can certainly enhance it.