Monday, July 13, 2009

Backyard Science

A little over a week ago, one of the boys came running into the house to let me know that he had spotted a strange caterpillar on the fence. Of course this is an invitation for me to go outside and investigate with him. So I grabbed the camera and off we went. Indeed it was a very fascinating specimen. The black barbs and bright colors made us a little wary of touching it. We looked through our caterpillar book and could not match it with any of the drawings, although one was close. So, we decided to do some searching on google. We found a site with great photos and it had a perfect match to our caterpillar---the Gulf fritillary.
Later in the day he noticed that the caterpillar had assumed its position of hanging upside down and we knew it wouldn't be long until it was a chrysalis. Sure enough, the next morning we found him as a chrysalis. We never cease to be amazed at this transformation! Now we are watching and waiting for the butterfly to hatch!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sketch Tuesday-Fences

Last week was so busy and I forgot to send the boys sketches in for Sketch Tuesday; so I promised to post them here!